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Personal Healthcare Portfolio: Your Personal Health and Wellness Record

Look inside - Personal Healthcare Portfolio: Your Personal Health and Wellness Record LOOK INSIDE
Author: Rebecca S. Busch
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Your Personal Healthcare Survival Guide

Personal Healthcare Portfolio™ (PHP™) empowers families, individuals and their loved ones to take charge of their healthcare experience by enabling them to manage and control healthcare information in one secure place. PHP™ offers a detailed ROAD MAP to help you navigate through our healthcare system efficiently and effectively. PHP™ ensures that your personal patient information is organized so that, as a patient, you can make optimal medical and financial healthcare decisions.

Praise for Personal Healthcare Portfolio & Rebecca Busch

"Within the first 30 minutes of reading this book I was able to make the necessary calls to the right parties & saved myself from having my claim denied. "

— H. Carmichael

"My family and I were turned down for health insurance and were not given any answers as to why. After reading Rebecca Busch’s book we are now insured with a plan we can afford and feel good about. "

— L. Paseo

"Rebecca Busch is a champion in her field. I developed a rare form of cancer and was denied disability. Within minutes after speaking to Ms. Busch she told me exactly what to say and how to write a letter & in two weeks my claim was approved. "

— D. Cummins